Nat's Notes About Freedom

Several people have inspired the creation of this newsletter.

Abel Van Staverenin his talks, shares that a career can be seen in three distinct phases: experience, leadership, and freedom. In the experience phase, we learn our craft, grow, and acquire valuable knowledge and skills. The leadership phase follows, where we impart our craft, lead teams and projects, and make an impact on the organization. Lastly, freedom is the final phase where we receive the ultimate reward for excelling at what we do.

Paul Kewene-Hite, a former INSEAD professor, wrote a post about personal value and worth.

Dorie Clark, a business thinker, penned an article about strategic patience.Conversations with my high school literature tutor reminded me how much I loved writing.

In this newsletter, I will be sharing notes and thoughts about my pursuit of freedom: how one can define it, where to seek inspiration, and why we should never stop.

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